Sunday, June 28, 2009
everyone has his o her angel. but do i have mine???
though is just 15 days but it is a sweet time.
how i wish someone would dedicate this song to me. haiz....

a sad day

things always go upside down. why must this happen? am i in the correct path o it is wrong frm the begining. i'm not regreting but just don want you to get in trouble. what shall i do? i don wanna end it but it seems like i have to? plz tell me wat to do? i love you n i don wanna let go... but will i be in the wrong if i don let go? can someone tell me what shall i do? will you let go the relationship o will u continue. i need a reply. will i end up get hurt again???? i don know??? i just hope it wont.think twice before any decision. don hurt me. n don hurt urself.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


"life is short. you just don know when will you leave the world. the only thing that you can do now is to appreciate what you have in life now... if you have choosen it to be in that way..... stand up, stay strong n go for it... no one can determine your future only u yourself... even the pathway that u have choosen is hard to move on, don give up easily... have a few tries first. so think twice before making any decission. do not regret in future... All the best!

Horoscope (i find it kinda accurate) is in MALAY

Wow! Nampaknya kamu akan berjumpa semula dengan si dia yang pernah begitu rapat denganmu. Terimalah si dia seadanya kerana ia mungkin petanda yang kamu sebenarnya bakal bersatu.

AKADEMIK: Perlu sentiasa lakukan brainstorming untuk pastikan hasil kerjamu sentiasa mantap.

WANG: Ada bahyak hutang perlu kamu langsai. Jadi jangan terlalu boros, ya!

Cinta: Terlalu sibuk dengan kerja membuatkan kamu hampir terlupa untuk bercinta. Jangan begitu, kamu juga berhak untuk menikmati hidup ini.

Kamu perlu mencari teman yang benar-benar 'sekepala' denganmu untuk meluahkan segala rase yang terbuku di hatimu. ini kerana, tidak semua teman boleh menyimpan rahsia yang kamu luahkan itu.

AKADEMIK: Tertekan dengan bebas tas yang semakin sarat. Tenangkan dirimu kerana penyelesaiannya pasti akan muncul. Teruskan berfikir positif.

WANG: Jangan terburu-buru berbelanja, sebaliknya pilih pada hanya yang perlu sahaja.

CINTA: Elakkan terus bertegang urat dengan si dia kerana ada kemungkinan ia boleh memutuskan hubunganmu.

Sekiranya mempunyai idea baru, jangan takut untuk berbincang dengan teman-temanmu kerana pandangan mereka juga akn membantu kamu menghasilkan yang lebih baik.

AKADEMIK: Rancangan perjalanmu agak tidak lagi lewat seperti selalu.

WANG: Nampaknya kali ini kamu terlebih berbelanja untuk berhibur. Jadikannya pengajaran untuk masa akan datang.

CINTA: Kamu pasrah dengan cinta yang da. Kalau jadi, jadilah.... Kalau tidak, kamu juga tidak kisah dengannya.

Walaupun sibuk, kamu perlu sediakan sedikit masa untuk keluar bersama teman-teman. Jadi tidak lama-kelamaan hubungan kamu dengan mereka boleh terputus begitu sahaja.

AKADEMIK: Hari-hari yang kamu lalui semakin sibuk.

WANG: Manfaatkan wang bonus yang kamu terima itu dengan sebaiknya.

CINTA: Ha... nampaknya cintamu tidak lagi bertepuk sebelah tangan.

Pandangan daripada teman-teman banyak megubah pandangan kamu terhadap sesuatu perkara. Hati-hati agar tidak terpengaruh perkara negatif.

AKADEMIK: Sokongan teman-teman banyak membantu kamu meraih apa yang kamu impikan selama ini.

WANG: Elakkan berbelanja pada perkara yang kurang penting.

CINTA: Biarpun kamu rasa agak terdesak untuk meraih cinta, jangan rembat sahaja.

Kamu berpeluang untuk berjumpa dengan teman lama dan kehadirannya memberikan banyak kebaikan dalam hidupmu. Jangan putuskan lagi hubungan yang kembali bertaut ini.

AKADEMIK: Kamu perlu bijak merebut peluang untuk menambah pengalaman.

WANG: Bakal mendapat durian runtuh.

CINTA: Hasratmuingin akhiri percintaan dengan perkhawinan memang bagus. Tapi kamu perlu berfikir banyak kali kerana berkhawin bukan perkara main-main.

Setelah langsung tidak mempunyai masa untuk berehat ekoran tugasan yang bertimpa-timpa. Pastikan kamu manfaatkan hujung minggu ini untuk berehat sepuasnya. Kamu pasti akan kembali berasa segar!

AKADEMIK: Ambil masa untuk bersendirian bagi mengembalikan tumpuanmu terhadap apa yang kamu lakukan sekarang. Ehmmm, hasilnya pasti akan lebih baik daripada sebelumnya.

WANG: Kalau kamu memang mempunyai peruntukan berlebihan, tidak salah kamu membantu orang lain yang lebih memerlukan.

CINTA: Gagal bercinta bukan bermakna kamu perlu terus melupakan segalanya. Bersedia untuk meraih cinta baru.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

to whom it may concern. lol

you walk into my life. you light up the walkway for us. you bring me out from the darkness... you gave me the inspiration to go on everything. you are always there whenever i need you... you're so great. no one can replace you in my heart.. you're just someone special n someone important to me. i just hope that you won't light up the walkway for me half way n you say u have to leave.... don treat me as wat my x treated me... something which i like the most is when we were on the phone i did ask you when do u find out that u actually fall for me... n u answer me ' when we were young'. i don know how far is true but i choose to believe it. no harm giving each other a try. lol.

though we can't meet and talk to each other often, but so long as our love towards each other r strong we can actually make it. love you! the song below is specially dedicated to you.

well i'll just stop here... n is to be continue.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

specially dedicate to you!

You know
our love was ment to be
the kind of love that lasts forever.
and i want you here with
me from tonight
until the end of time.
You should know
everywhere i go

Always on my mind
in my heart
in my soul
you're the meaning in my life
you're the inspiration
you bring feeling to my life
you're the inspiration
wanna have you near me
i wanna have you hear me saying
no one needs you
more than i need you

and i know
i know that it's plain to see
so in love when we're together
now i know that i need
you here with me
from tonight untill the end of time.
You should know
everywhere i go

Always on my mind
you're in my heart
in my soul
you're the meaning in my life
you're the inspiration.....

wanna have you near me
i wanna have you hear me saying
no one needs you more
than i need you
you're the meaning in my life
you're the inspiraton


i witnesses a new born baby... hmm it was a baby boy... when the clock strikes 3.45 p.m. this little baby is out... but towards the night the doctor came in and says that the baby doesn't really want to eat... so they have to take the baby's blood to go for a blood test. They are affraid that the baby might have infection... What happen next is even worst... after visiting my aunt, we went to the A&E department to wait for my uncle to settle some bills. then on our way to the car, my grandma fell down.... luckily nothing happen to her just that she has some scratches on her palm n knee....Thank god mann.... i was very tired today... besides accompanying my aunt, i went to visit my grandaunt who just done an opperation. haiz... so many things happen all of a sudden...

What a busy day i had?????

Friday, June 12, 2009

how to have a long lasting relationship?

5 step for a long term relationship

mutual undertanding

especially for Miaw Ling n Wei Fong

Best friends we are ,
Best friends we'll be,
For always forever,
You and Me!

Longer than a phone call,
Deeper than the sea,
All this belongs to us,
You and Me!

Put it in a bottle,
Never let it free,
keep it in your heart,
You and Me!

I hope you read this poem,
Remember it for me,
Look after it with care,
You and Me!


i am looking forward for today's outing but.... hmm it suppose to be a great day today but everything just go upside down... suppose to go out movie in the afternoon but who knows mummy don have to call off everything.... haiz...y can't things just follow what i wan it to be...why must everything turns out incorrectly... hope i don't disappointed someone.... no matter wat...i'll still find ways to go out wif...just give me sometime...will try to make it...

since everything turns upside down... then i plan to go for a hair cut later.... however there is something which makes me worry about.... mum ask me to go her friend's shop for hair cut... i'm just afraid that i wont be able to have the hair style that i wanted... haiz.... after hair cut might be going swimming wif my cousin... after so long i didn't swim don't know whats gonna happen to me.... just hope everything will be fine....

n hmm that aunt which everyone in the family (including my grandparents) hate the most will be back from outstation more peace in the house.... how nice if she could stay there n not to come back.... haha....everyone in the house would actually be glad.... my life will be terrible when she is at home.... no peace, alot of stress, no harmony, n etc....

going to start working on Monday.... what my life would be after that??? i've no idea... people usually says that working at your dad office will not have stress....but let me tell u is wrong... just can't afford to do any mistakes.... if not sure get scolding till very 'jia lat' de....

next week is going to be a busy week for me.... as i said in the previous paragraph starting work next week n uncle Ah Wei getting married.... my granduncle ask me to go over to his house help him to pump the ballons... then the next morning go to his house n help him wif all kinds of things.... but something cheer me up, that is my cousin from kl will be back, n the monkeys,turtles,kangaroos,lion king will have a gathering....and zoo is going to reopen soon.... definately will have lots of story to talk about...u know la gals....sure start to gossip....haha... although it is going to be very tired but it would actually turns up to be great...looking forward for the day....I'm waiting.

ok will stop here.... n to be continue... Have a nice day!!!!


it will be the ending for me.... is pointless.... ppl who read this don ask me wat happen... n don start to question me.... it will make me be happy if no one ask o question me wat happen on this day..... " its time we talk about it.. i cant drag u too long.. scare u step deaper n get hurt more... after my exam we'll talk.. I cant drag on.. we need to settle it..." don like it...HATE IT!!!!! is a deep scar to me..... u light up everything but y don't u walk it? y leave it in this way? you know i don like it? but y u keep doing this... y keep hurting me????? WHY?????Why????? u r eveil.....seriously hate u.....u make the whole thing dark...u turn my life into darknesss..... don know how to face u in college.... can somebody just help me to walk out of this darkness...haiz