Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hope you have read it... don find me anymore

to a cousin of mine

i just hope that after you finish reading this you wont find me anymore. you make me scare of you. i don't even know how to face you. is impossible for us to be together.... we have blood relationship... stop bugging at me.... u make me feel that you very 'fan'. don ever call me anymore.... stop asking wat happen to me.... nothing happen... is just that after the movie u say u wanna be my bf for one day.... u just makes me feel irritated.... i feel cold but u don have to touch me.... though we r cousin but u r playing the role which is more than a cousin.. i said i don need the bag u keep on push to me... you make me don know how to reject it.... then u come n hold my shoulder all of a sudden.... what is this mannn..... u r just too much.... don watse your money to sms o call me... i won't ans ur call.... no matter wat you do i won't fall for you... plz understand that there is a gap between us... n if u cross the gap... you will know wat will happen.... if u continues behaving like this i'll let your sister know what you said to me on that day.... n to be frank wif u.... i did not want to join you all for dinner is because i don know how to face you... i don wan you to have hope on it..... that's y i ask ah chen to send me home.... and i don know what i've done till you have this type of feelings towards me... but all i could tell you know is better stop loving me...o you will get hurt in the end.

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